Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall 2010_Great Valley Writing Project

Great Valley Writing Project

Topic: ELL Migrant Academies run by TC’s

All Migrant Academies are united by the following:
1. TC’s get to pick their topics
2. Migrant/ ELL student population
3. High Standards for Academic Language & Behavior
4. Does not have to be only aligned to ELD Standards but developmentally appropriate to who they are as Language Learners.
5. Students generally have a low sense of self-efficacy in regards to academics and when they first begin to participate it requires TC’s to develop motivation & excellent pedagogical strategies to help them transition into seeing themselves as writers
6. Authentic & Independent Support for Student Voices
7. Each academy produces an anthology that each student receives and an anthology also gets placed inside their school library too.
8. Each academy has a Family Literacy night where students hold an open mic

I. Writing Academy – The Amazing Adventure of Wicked Writers
Explicit High Standards for both language use and manners
Hand-picked CELDT Level 3
34 incoming 5th grades from Jefferson County
Strategy- Literary Devices (Onomatopoeia, Simile, Personification)

II. Writing Academy – Non-Fiction Reports
Special Needs Students
5 Paragraph Essay format (goal)
5th graders
Strategy- Pocket Paragraph Strategy

III. Writing Academy – Narrative Writing
K-8 Writing Academy
½ Day District Math & Writing Collaboration
Word After Word After Word – by Patricia McLachlan
Strategy- Golden Line

IV. Writing Academy – Persuasive Rhetoric Writing
50 Students
Incoming 5th, 6th, 7th grade students
Principals hand-picked students
Summer program – Migrant Education Funding
3 TC’s & 2 Mini-corps teachers with migrant education
Sitting directly on the hyphen of Mexican-American straddling the “border” of 6 months in Mexico & 6 months in United States
Strategy- Logos, Ethos & Pathos

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